Monday, January 14, 2013

Summary of 1-5-13 meeting

WOTS Minutes
Jan 5, 2013

Annette O’Hare
Bob Stewart
Carla Hoch
Carol Johnson
Charlotte Holt
Gerri Wood
Janetta Messmer
Janice Thompson
Joanne Hillman
Kim Roy
Linda Kozar
Martha Rogers
Mary Foster
Mary Hamilton
Nancy Kimball
Susan Cottrell
Alice Thomas
Christy Lee
Stacey Zink
David Martindale - visitor
Bethany MacManus
Kathrese McKee
  • Self introduction of those present
  • New WOTS Web Info:
  • ACFW contest The End
  • Speaker - WOTS Pres. Nancy Kimball
Reader Rewards and Why
They’re More Important Then Ever
(handout given)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

News From Our 2013 President, Nancy Kimball

*Note from Linda Kozar: 

Though Nancy has created a brand new WOTS blog, this blog will continue to stay up because all our chapter history/pictures, etc. are on it. Current meeting info will updated here, but this blog will not have the Paypal option or the most recent posts.

As an existing member or past visitor to American Christian Fiction Writers WOTS chapter, I'd like to encourage you to visit the new chapter website at

You can also reply to this e-mail to RSVP for the first meeting of 2013 on January 5th, where I will be presenting friend of Seekerville, former marketing executive and Philosophy of Romance blogger Vince Mooney's "Reader Rewards & Why They're More Important than Ever". RSVP'ing in advance will earn you a second entry into the door-prize drawing.

Lastly, we have some open dates in 2013 and if you are interested in speaking/presenting on a craft or industry topic, please e-mail me at with your first two choices of dates from the calendar and the topic of your presentation with a two or three sentence description. It is not a requirement to be traditionally published to present, though you do need to be a member in good standing of both ACFW National and our local chapter, Writers on the Storm.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas to all,

Nancy Kimball
2013 Chapter President

Writers on the Storm
Your Woodlands, TX ACFW Chapter
Visit our Official Website

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On the 13th Day of Christmas...Help Linda & Janice Spread The Word!--By Linda Kozar

We're doing a blog tour and need bloga-teers to host. 
If you can, here's a great big hug from me and Janice (( )). 
Then, at any time between December 12th and 23rd (dates inclusive), 
post the picture above and the details below. That's it! Folks enter via
Twitter and Pinterest after that. Thanks bunches!

Posted: 10 Dec 2012 07:12 PM PST

‘Tis the season for a great


If you love cozies as much as we do, then you’re in for a holiday treat! From December 12 – 23, we’re giving away one cozy mystery EVERY DAY!
So light the fireplace and grab a cup of hot cocoa, because you just may have a free cozy mystery coming your way!

There are two ways to enter:
  1. Create a Pinboard entitled My 12 Cozies of Christmas. Fill it with 12 Spyglass Lane titles that either you want to read, or have already read and love! Be sure to use the #12CoziesofChristmas hashtag in the description of each pinned book cover. One pinboard will automatically enter you in each daily drawing!
  2. Tweet about Spyglass Lane mysteries. Simply Tweet about  the giveaway or one of your favorite Spyglass Lane Mysteries or authors and include the #12CoziesofChristmas hashtag along with the link. You may Tweet as many times as you want each day! Only Tweets sent out the day of the giveaway will be considered for that day’s drawing.
Follow us on the Spyglass Lane blog, Twitter @SpyglassMystery or Facebook for the latest info on the 12 Cozies of Christmas giveaway! Each day, we’ll reveal which Spyglass Lane cozy mystery we’ll be giving away.

  1. Each day, we will reveal which Spyglass Lane mystery will be given away that day
  2. A “giveaway day” runs from 12AM EST to 11:59PM EST.
  3. There will be one winner per day
  4. Winners will be announced the following morning
  5. A Pinboard (see rules above) counts as one entry each day of the giveaway. Tweets (see rules above) only apply to the day in which they were originally Tweeted. For example, if you send 10 Tweets on Thursday the 13th, you will be entered 10 times in that day’s drawing. But those Tweets will not apply to the next day’s drawing.
  6. Winners will be chosen via, with Tweets and Pinboards each assigned a unique number
  7. Winners will be announced via our blog, Twitter @SpyglassMystery or Facebook. Winners will be contacted via email or social media. If a winner does not hear from Spyglass Lane, they may contact us at SpyglassLaneMysteries (at) gmail (dot) com.
  8. Winners will receive their prize in the form of a Smashwords coupon that they can redeem at Smashwords accommodates all ereader devices, though it may require the device to be directly connected to a computer for proper download.
  9. The same person may win more than once!
  10. There is no entry limit
  11. Participants are expected to play nice! Inappropriate behavior (including but not limited to foul language, bullying, trolling, arguing) will not be tolerated and Spyglass Lane reserves the right to exclude such people from these and future giveaways

Saturday, December 1, 2012

White Elephant Christmas Party 2012--OUR FAVORITE AWFUL BOOKS!

Mary Hamilton gets frazzled
If you missed the annual White Elephant Book Exchange Christmas party at my house this year, you missed a GREAT one!

The food was yummy, the people chummy and the books . . .scummy!

To the left, Mary Hamilton's face reflects the title of the mystery marvel she unwrapped: "The Frazzeled Female"
Annette O'Hare unwrapped THE BEST title of all time:

"Bedtime Stories for Children You Hate." A crowd favorite, she shared some of the chapter titles and stories too.

Nancy Kimball & Annette O'Hare
 NancyKimball and Annette O'Hare display their little gems: "Only You" is Nancy's.

 Above, Charlotte Holt holds the "Bathroom Reader Plunges into History." "Nuf said...

I wound up with this book--full of funny pictures of what to do with a dead body. Of course, one would have to have a macabre or dare I say, warped sense of humor to appreciate this book, but I love it. My favorite picture? Ice skating partner.

Below is the first book I unwrapped. YES, we stole books, though it was unclear at first if anyone would actually want to. The first book I bought was titled, "The Hair Book." The entire book was covered in black fur with a hot pink comb embedded in the top center. Hysterical. Of course Janetta Messmer brought it. Yeah, girl!

Janetta opens two old writing books!
The Hair Book

Dannelle Woody was delighted to receive "Bless Your Heart, Tramp!" Filled with southern homespun wisdom about the trauma of push-up bras and Amish starter bread, this book says what others only think.

Charlotte Holt's first book (before it was snatched away by Janice Thompson) "Miss Becky's Charm School". Saucy Southern wisdom and etiquette never read better. We delighted in the excerpts Janice read to us.

 Nancy Kimball, our newly elected president and Bethany McManus, our newly elected vice-president presented the outgoing board members (Martha Rogers, president, Janice Thompson, vice-president, Annette O'Hare, treasurer and Linda Kozar, secretary) with beautiful plagues commemorating our service to the Writers On The Storm chapter! How cool is that! Thanks so much, Nancy and  Bethany!
Lisa Gefrides admires the book I brought to the table, "Polish Your Furniture With Pantyhose." Did you know that Listerine is good for your lawn? Says so in the book.

 Martha's book's got attitude, "Don't Say I Didn't Warn You!"
Writers On The Storm writers rock!

Above, Janetta "Santa" Messmer and Charlotte Holt ham it up.

Annette O'Hare and our newest member Susan Cottrell! Susan stole the much-coveted "Bedtime Stories For Children You Hate."

Connie Power is clearly unfazed by her book, "What's Your Poo Telling You?"

Monday, November 26, 2012

White Elephant Book Exchange Party!

Writers On The Storm and Guests
YOU are invited to our annual

White Elephant Book Exchange Christmas Party!
Saturday, December 1st from 11:00 am-1:00 pm
Linda Kozar's home
Bring a:
  • Dish to share (in the breakfast or lunch category)
  • Suitable White Elephant Book gift-wrapped or in a gift bag with your name written on the "From" part of the gift tag. You'll have to own up to the one you brought! Stealing is okay, (though not likely).
If you have questions (like where it is:), just ask! (There's no way I'm posting my address and phone number on the blog:) Please RSVP!

WOTS Chapter Secretary

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pictures of our November Meeting--Courtesy of our WOTS Photographer, Kathrese McKee

Tiff Coulter and Bethany McManus

Susan Cottrell

Doorprizes and Speaker Books/Instructional Material

Stacey Zink and Janetta Messmer

Monday, October 29, 2012

November 3rd Luncheon Meeting--Tiff Coulter!

Dear Writers On The Storm,

Our next meeting is THIS Saturday, November 3rd, from 11:00 am-1:00 pm at Lupe Tortilla's. Our guest it TIFF COULTER!!! Check out her bio below. 

Tiffany Coulter
For info on upcoming meetings, map to the restaurant, and industry news, please check our blog regularly: ;

$5/at door (funds speakers)
Pretty please RSVP. We have door prizes!

How to Get the Most Out of Training, Books, Writing Groups, Workshops and Conferences
You’ve invested your time and money to get here. How can you get the greatest benefit from attending conference? How can you get the most out of this event? What are the success habits you want to be sure to do? What is the ONE thing you need to make sure that you DON’T do? And how could that ONE thing set you up for disaster at any conference?

Bio: Tiffany Colter is the author of dozens of books, CDs, DVDs, seminars and webinars on topics ranging from writing great novels to business marketing and systems. As the owner of Writing Career Coach, Tiffany has spent more than 5 years committed to teaching writers “How to make a living at this writing thing.” She also teaches businesses, personal developers and trainers how to use words to connect with their target demographic.

Tiffany is the proud mom of 4 girls and is married to her best friend, Chris. They share an old farm house on their hobby farm with 3 large dogs, 8 outside cats, chickens, ducks, and two sheep.

Holding on to Victory
Tiffany Colter
If your business needs to connect with your customers, you need to connect with me.

Linda P. Kozar
WOTS Secretary
Sweet Tea Fiction
Find me at

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beyond The Comfort Zone Winners--October 6th Writers On The Storm Meeting

Our "Beyond The Comfort Zone" First Place Winner, Carla Hoch holds the trophy that will be handed over to the next winner of the contest. We must have a rematch sometime in 2013!!!

Our "Beyond The Comfort Zone" Second Place winner, Kim Roy will no doubt be anxious to part with the Second Place trophy, a vintage toilet ashtray! Pictured here with our contest coordinator, Nancy Kimball. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference

If you've never been to one of their conferences, here's your chance! They are offering a discount if ten or more people from our group attend.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

ACFW NEWS From Author Ginny Patrick Smith...

Fiction writers: Beginning on Monday, Oct 1, I will teach a 4-week online course called Creating Great Characters. The course is geared toward beginning and intermediate fiction writers, so some of you published authors might find it a bit too basic - or maybe not. :-) But if you know anyone who might benefit, please pass the information on to them.

This course is offered through American Christian Fiction Writers, THE premiere organization for anyone who writes or aspires to write Christian fiction. The course will be conducted through an email group, and will include both "lessons" to read, and exercises to perform to put the concepts into practice. The course is FREE to ACFW members! I think most of you are members, but if you’re not, membership is only $65 for the first year, and includes a lot of other benefits besides free online courses taught by some of the industries best-known authors. Check it out at

Category 5 Winners Announced at:

Category 5 Winners Announced at:
the Meet The Christian Authors Event!

Contest Deadline Extended!

Our Category Five Contest deadline has been extended to August 31st, 2011. If you missed the previous (July 31st) deadline, here's your chance to send your entry(s)!

Contest Details--UPDATE

Hi friends,

Janice Thompson here. I'm sending an updated version of an earlier email about our Writers on the Storm Category Five Fiction Writing Contest. We've added more information. We would like to ask three things of our WOTS members and/or Houston area writing friends:

1). If you are unpublished (on not traditionally published) please consider entering the contest.
2). Please help us spread the word to other writers by placing this information on your facebook page, blog, etc.
3). Please pray for our organization as we move forward with this, our first-ever writing contest.

Thanks so much for your support. Now, here's the updated information about the contest (per Linda Kozar):

Dear Writers,

Details for entry to the Writers On The Storm "CATEGORY FIVE" Writing Contest are below. The contest is open to unpublished and non-traditionally published FICTION authors, both members and non-members of the Writers on the Storm group. NOTE: If you have previously been "traditionally" published, you are not eligible. However, if you paid to publish your book(s), you are eligible and encouraged to participate.

Judges are all published authors and/or industry pros, though not members of our chapter. Entering a writing contest is a great way to get feedback or accolades, and we hope you will enter this one with great enthusiasm! The WOTS Chapter Board invite you to BLOW THE JUDGES AWAY with your fiction writing brilliance!

Our Cat Five Writing Contest OPENED on JUNE 1st and CLOSES on Friday, JULY 29th. Judges will receive entries for review on August 1st, 2011. Winners will be announced at our MEET THE CHRISTIAN AUTHOR event on September 17th, 2011 and winners will be notified by phone.
Our Five Categories (novels and/or short stories)
1. Romance (Historical and Contemporary)
2. Women's Fiction
3. General Fiction
4. Mystery/Suspense
5. Young Adult/Children's
Contest Fees:
Members-$20 per entry (Two or more entries $15/per entry)
NonMembers-$25 per entry (Two or more entries $20/per entry).

Make checks out to: Writers on the Storm

The overall grand prize (for the highest scoring entry) is the FICTION WRITING MASTER COURSE from, a $249 value. The grand prize winner will also receive a plaque, a press release he/she can share with others and a news splash on our website. The category winners will each receive a free edit of the first chapter of their book from a multi-published author, along with a certificate. Their names will be listed on our website, as well. We will also post the list to facebook, twitter, the ACFW loop, etc.

Send the first 15 pages of your novel or short story. If you have a prologue, you may send the prologue and part of chapter one or just 15 pages of chapter one if chapter one exceeds 15 pages. The total pages of your entries may not exceed 15).

Entries must be double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point on white paper.
Entries should reflect a Christian world-view.
Entries with inappropriate content (i.e. profanity, pornography, extreme violence) will not be considered.
Entries will not be returned to contestants via the U.S. Post Office unless a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) is enclosed with each entry submitted.
Judges are all published authors and/or industry pros, though not members of the Writers On The Storm chapter.
Send your entries via SNAIL MAIL to:
Linda Kozar
7 South Chandler Creek
The Woodlands, Texas 77381
Questions? Contact Linda Kozar at

Category Five Contest Entry Form

Registration Form Name:_____________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________City_______State____ZIP_____ Email address:_______________________________________________________ Member of WOTS: Yes….. No….. Category Entered: 1. Historical/Contemporary Romance ______ 2. Women’s Fiction ______ 3. General Fiction ______ 4. Suspense/Mystery ______ 5. Young Adult/Children ______ Amount Enclosed: __________ Check:___ Money Order:______ Make Checks out to: Writers On The Storm Checklist: Correct Manuscript Form ___ SASE Envelope ____ Registration Form ____ Check or money order ____ Mail entries to: Linda Kozar 7 South Chandler Creek The Woodlands, Texas 77381 Contact: If you have questions. Linda Kozar: Martha Rogers: Janice Thompson:

SATURDAY, May 7th from 9:30-11:00 followed by a booksigning 11-12:30

The Multiple-Author Booksigning will feature Patrick Scott, Martha Rogers and Linda Kozar!

Patrick Scott currently serves as the Founder / Design Architect for Creative Solutions, Patrick Scott is the creator and author of the Archangels: The Saga™ comic book series. First published in 1995 - 2010; the series has sold over 1.2 Million copies.

Patrick Scott pioneered the Christian comic book market in 1995 and is a 12 time published author, a trading card game creator (Timestream: The Remnant™) and has developed and published 15 inspirational posters. Under his leadership, Cahaba Productions, Inc. received the International Christian Retail Show’s highest honor by receiving an “IMPACT AWARD” in 2003.

Patrick Scott has over 17 years of graphic design, venture capital fundraising and business experience within mainstream and the International Christian Retail Marketplace. Over those years Patrick Scott has developed a professional working relationship with Lovell-Fairchild, Dynamic Marketing, Focus on the Family, Propeller Consulting, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Dickson’s Inc., Cactus Game Design, Universal Designs, Lifeway Christian Stores and many more.

Writers On The Storm presents...

Writers On The Storm presents...
Category Five Writing Contest

Patrick Scott--May 7th Speaker

Patrick Scott--May 7th Speaker
Christian Comic Book Author

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